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Ritual Objects and Paintings by Lawrence Waldron

This website presents the work of artist Lawrence Waldron. These works represent projects, series and individual pieces made from 1993 to 2003.

Lotus Leaves

Except in the more recent works dealing with the history and pre-history of his ancestral Caribbean, the majority of the art here addresses Buddhist iconography, particularly the sacred lotus, from several distinct viewpoints.

In the past decade, Lawrence Waldron has set about exploring the material properties and symbolic permutations of the hallowed lotus, the symbol of three Indian religions. The artist has done extensive research on the botanic taxonomy and religious symbolism of the lotus flower, having also chosen to explore the lotus in his writings for graduate school.

Ritual Objects

Since 1997, I have engaged in ritual copying of certain Buddhist sutras either in part or whole. This ancient devotional practice is most commonly known by the Japanese term, "shakyo." I have illuminated some of these calligraphed works with images, either decorative or illustrative.

Mandala & Yantra

In 2001, after some basic studies in the concept and design of Tibetan sand mandalas, I started making similarly ephemeral mandalas, only of materials that had more personal meaning for me.
The idea of making mandalas out of food is not entirely my own. There is a practice in India of rangoli and kolam where sacred diagrams are likewise made of edible and other domestic materials.

My studies of the iconography and symbolism of Indo-Tibetan mandalas continues.

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